Friday, May 24, 2013

I'd like you to meet...

Tuesday morning I went into the shop to grab some skirts to photograph.  I wasn't expecting anyone to be around as my raggedy jorts (cut off jean shorts) and I strolled into the building.  I walk into a full production photo shoot.  There was cameramen and preparation going on.

And then there were the I thought.  It turned out they were our new Sales Reps!  They were in town getting some Skirt School knowledge and filming a little How-To video.  It really just worked out that they were gorgeous!
From Left:
Java Moon Noir
Naomi Black
Monet Linen
 Ladies I would love for you to meet (from left) Elise Winters from Minnesota and Courtney Skeen from Johnson City!  Whose the pretty blonde you ask?  Thats Lindsey, Courtney's assistant!
From Left
Ellie Yellow
Suzy's Capri Maze Citron
I has to snap a photo of Mary and Suzanne all dolled up!

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