Wednesday, May 22, 2013

How To: Casual Sequins!!

 All the buzz about casual sequins has inspired me to hit the stores and put some outfits together myself.  I went to Posh to see what I could find. 

Honestly, I thought finding pieces to dress down these shiny gems would be hard...
I was wrong.
I had this micro mini made for New Years a few years back.
For a casual look, I would recommend a longer length!  This
Saturday Night Fever has been long sold out.  The
007 Sequins Gunmetal is a perfect substitute.
 Let's just go ahead and get the chambray top out of the way.   You know I've got to add that one in!  Belt it, or don't.  That's up to you!

The Mimi Houndstooth Ivory was so easy to outfit!
I like this casual double layered coral tank top
& 3/4 length coral top.  I would wear this outfit to a casual
dinner party.
My pic for subtle mixed prints.  Light teal next to ivory
is very light and feminine.  For some edge, I added
this hard core navy suede jacket.
Close up
If you want to ease into mixed prints, go with a solid top
and a printed scarf.
It was hard not to outfit the Mimi with all whites and neutrals!
It goes so well with it!
Now onto some color with the Limeade Chevron Sequins...
Starting basic with a solid black cotton peplum.  Finish this
off casually with a denim jacket or dress her up
with heels.
Razor Back Heather Gray Tank.  Simple.
For a mixed print look on a skirt this loud, keep the top neutral colors:
black,white, beige and ivorys.
Close Up
Neutral Sweater over beige Ivory.  Love this.
Close Up
One of my favorite looks.  Again, unless you're hitting
a New Year's Party, add some length on that skirt!
As I was headed out of the door, I saw this jersey knit blue/purple tank.
I love it for the Mimi Houndstooth!

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