Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Ellie Orange: Day-2-Night

I consider myself a conservative shopper.  If the item looks like it will fall apart in the wash, I pass on it.  Too trendy?  Pass!  Good for limited occasions?  Pass!  I think you can guess that I like versatile pieces.  Day to night-no problem!  Casual to elegant- right up my alley!  To apply this way of thinking to Sevier Skirts, it was hard to pick a skirt. We have SO many versatile pieces. 

To start, I went with the Ellie Orange.  Need something casual?  This skirt is a linen base.  Need fancy?  This skirt is adorned in velvet.  It has the best of both worlds, with a bold eye catching color.  I have worn this skirt to brunch.  I have worn this skirt to a wedding.  Two different looks, one great impression.  Did I mention this skirt is year round?
Ellie Orange
For a casual look, I couldn't resist a chambray top.  Another option is a fitted t-shirt.  For summer, run around town with bright sandals to complete the look!

On the fancier side, wear the Ellie Orange to weddings, graduations, dates, and cocktail parties.  Any blouse will do.  I love the following colors with the Ellie Orange: navy, royal blue, teal, green, yellow, white, off white, brown, and purple.  Keep in mind that blue is oranges complimentary color and looks good every time.

Style Tip:  The easiest way to spruce up an outfit is accessories.  As soon as you add something with glitz (gold, silver, sequins etc.) your look automatically looks elegant.  Try a gold/ silver clutch or shoes with shine.  

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