Friday, May 10, 2013

Mother's Day: Put a Bow on it!

Moms, what would we do without you?  With the infant up-all-nights, teenage attitude and 24 hour on call service, I just don't know how you do it!  For all you do, I hope you have the best Mother's Day ever this Sunday!  Though I can't take care of the days planning, I can give you a few outfit suggestions...

For those family pictures, here is what I suggest:  
Michael Stars+Sevier Skirts+Sevier Bow Ties+Mixed Prints
= an awesome coordinated family!

I can always find cute outfits for little girls and moms to bond over.  What about the boys?!  For help with these looks, I headed out to Franklin to visit my cousin Jenny and her energetic boys.  While Ben (little guy in the car) was unsure of the shoot, Jack (navy checkered shirt) was all in, directing me where to take photos, and leaving his bow-tie on long after we had wrapped.
 For this look I wanted a skirt full of color, a good mixed print, and a neutral element.  Choose any skirt full of color like the one above.  I picked the Slub Scoop Neck Michael Stars in Shine Purple. For the mixed print, I picked the Liberty Berry Bowtie for Jack.  For a neutral, I picked the Black White Seersucker bowtie for Ben.

 For this look I went with texture, color and mixed prints.  For texture, I went with the Blossom Eyelet Coral.  To compliment the red, I chose the Kelly Green Slub 3/4 Boat Neck Michael Stars top for Jenny and the Chinese Lantern Green Bowtie for Jack.  For the mixed print, I went with the Liberty Navy Floral Bowtie for Ben.  The red in Ben's bowtie pops against the Blossom Coral.
 Our last look incorporates out SOW: Daisy Chain!  
The boys are looking dapper in their bowties!  Ben in the Summer Totum and Jack in the Liberty Lucy Daisy.
A huge thank you to Jenny and her boys!  They made the perfect models, and all we had to do was bribe them with candy.  I left as soon as the sugar rush kicked in ;)

Have a great Sunday Moms!  We sure do appreciate you.

Sevier Skirts

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