Monday, May 13, 2013

SOW:Gingham Silver Sequins!

Morning Ladies!  Hope everyone had a fabulous Mother's Day and got some great DIY gifts from your little ones.  I got a painted rock (I'm not a mom, but my nieces were feeling generous)!

With Mother's Day over, I want to direct our attention back to the beauty of casual attire.  I love to dress up, but nothing beats effortless fashion.  With that being said, I wanted the SOW to be a skirt you can wear with any solid shirt.  I was thinking something to wear to back yard bbq's or an out door concert.  The perfect fit was the Gingham Silver Sequins!

The Gingham Silver Sequins is a light weight cotton base with a light gray and white gingham pattern.  The circular stitching upon the Gingham Sequins is highlighted with matte silver sequins.  This skirt is available in every style.  A Swing is my favorite pick for this skirt!
SOW:Gingham Silver
Above I have an outfit perfect for a casual night out.  You can wear any color with this skirt that you would black meaning the options are limitless.  I personally love a good pop so I went with this red flouncy sleeveless top.  When you are wearing a full shirt, I suggest a belt around your natural waist.  Otherwise, you might look frumpy.  A belt shows off your feminine figure and gives you your waist back.  Have a very square torso with no curves?  This trick gives the illusion of curves.

I specifically picked this skirt for its effortless look.  The easiest way to dress it is with any color Michael Stars top!

Last thing.  Notice the purse?  Its made of cork!  I don't know how its done, but you will be seeing a lot of cork bags this Spring.  I love them!

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