Friday, March 22, 2013

Suzanne's Tip:Think Floral!

Suzanne is always wearing the most eye catching colors together.  The art student in me sees it as pairing complimentary and contrasting colors together from the color wheel.  Suzanne has a different way of looking at it...

Instead of methodically breaking down the color wheel, Suzanne goes to nature for her inspiration.  She looks at her outfits as flowers.  With a flower you have the stem and the bloom.  Think of your skirt as the stem to your outfit.  So pick any green skirt for your 'stem'.  The top you choose can be any color bloom you can imagine!
In Bloom

The result is an eye catching look!  Don't be bound by the colors that are already in your outfit.  Branch out to your favorite petal colors!  Above we have one of my favorite combos: fuchsia and olive.  You probably wouldn't think to pair the two, but they work perfectly!

Now go brighten up your outfit, it just might brighten up your day!

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