Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Hostess with the Mostess!

Last weekend I threw my very first baby shower.  The guest of honor was obviously the center of attention.  My Sevier Skirt was a close second!  I threw on my Ellie-Pink and people couldn't stop commenting!

As the host of the party, you must look nice while not stealing the show.  So, your outfit needs to be well thought out.  Here are my tips:

1. Pick a statement piece (I chose my Ellie Pink Sevier Skirt)
2. Tone the rest of the outfit down to be casual (Riding boots and a chambray top will do the trick)
3.  Have some fun with it.  If it's a girl, wear pink; blue if it's a boy!
Left: Posing in my Ellie
Top Right: Tissue Flower Decor
Bottom Right: Diaper center pieces

With TWO girls coming, I had to dress the part.
That's why I grabbed my favorite pink skirt!

Bad News:  The Ellie Pink is sold out.  
Good News:  I have hand selected three in season skirts that are perfect for the occasion!

I look for three things when selecting a baby shower outfit. 
1. Color-If its a girl, wear pink.  Boy, wear blue.  And if it is a surprise go with yellow, orange or another gender neutral color.
2. Texture-People can't help but comment on a textured garment.  The velvet in the Ellie Orange and Vivian Coral are perfect.  When the light hits it just right, the sheen in the skirt will be the envy of all your friends!  The Tribal Blue has tufts placed throughout the skirt that give it a nice 3-dimensional element.
3. Comfort & Durability-You are going to be on and off your feet all day, so choose a fabric that is comfortable and won't crease and wrinkle easily.  Canvas cottons are great for this!

Baby Shower
Want at look like mine?  The Vivian Coral is a great alternative to the Ellie-Pink.  Same texture and color!  For a similar style, the Ellie-Orange and the Tribal Blue are great.  Finish the look with a chambray top, a brown leather belt and brown riding boots.  You will appear as effortless and put together as your baby-shower!

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