Sunday, September 9, 2012

SOW: Charisma Navy

Morning ladies!  I hope you all had a great weekend!  Here in Nashville we had blue sky afternoons followed by thunderstorm nights and crisp mornings that led into hot early evenings.  Due to the change of seasons, its normal for mood swings in weather.  To balance that out, I chose a skirt this week for our SOW that will be able to keep up with the sudden changes in weather.
This skirt isn't extremely thin, while at the same time it isn't extremely thick.  She's right in the middle.  Also, the colors in this are light enough to be cheery but has a dark enough base to get away with far into the fall.  That is why I chose the Charisma Navy to be our SOW this week!
The Charisma's perk is that it is easily matchable.  Our sales rep Ginny rocked it with a chambray top.  I love this casual look!
Or, you can always pair it with any Michael Stars top we have.  Either way, you'll have no trouble outfitting this low maintenance skirt!


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