Friday, September 21, 2012

Woo Skincare and Cosmetics

On Wednesday Suzanne had a skirt party at Woo Skincare and Cosmetics in Green Hills.  Woo (pictured below), is a Sevier Skirt customer and owner of Woo Cosmetics in Nashville and Atlanta.  Here she is rockin' her Lightning Bolt Black.

I love the size of this shop.  I get overwhelmed in large cosmetic stores.  Woo's has a large selection of product with knowledgeable artists equipped to give you the personal experience you need when picking out the right cosmetics for you.

The strangest thing happened while I was inside Woo Cosmetics.  A makeup artists asked me what I was looking for.  I told her exactly what I wanted, red lipstick with a matte finish.  I told her I liked very natural makeup and was looking for a pop of color.  What happened next you won't believe...she did exactly what I asked.  She expertly applied two different colors of red that she decided would go with my complexion, and that was that.  She didn't go overboard telling me all of the products I 'needed' to go along with the lipstick.

I feel sassy.
Testing out red lipstick to match
 my Mayan Floral Canvas skirt!

This has never happened to me before.  The last time I had my makeup done I asked for pink lipstick to go with my natural look.  Thick black eyeliner, dark eyebrow penciling, burgundy mascara, white eyeshadow, and bright cheeks later, I walked out of there looking like a drag queen, and feeling uncomfortable in my own skin.  Did I mention I spent $40 out of guilt on product I didn't want?

If this is your experience in cosmetic stores, go visit Woo.  They listen to who you are and what you want.  Refreshing isn't it?

Suzanne had her lips done after seeing the awesome job they did with me!

Suzanne getting her lips done in the
Morning Dew Yellow
Before I left, I had to ask Woo what the hot item was in the store.  Not skipping a beat she quickly replied, "Bobbi Brown BB Cream".  It's a moisturizer, treatment and SPF all in one.

Next week Sue Mar Dawson will be at Woo Cosmetics Thursday and Friday.  Sue Mar is the trainer of all Bobbi Brown makeup artists.  In other words, she knows her stuff.  If you want your makeup done by a pro I suggest you set up an appointment and get over there!

I love meeting customers of Sevier Skirts.  It's my second favorite thing I do as a blogger, next to trying on clothes and getting paid for it!  So Woo, thank you for hosting a party in your shop.  I had a great time.  And p.s.  I love love love my new red lipstick!

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