Friday, September 14, 2012

NEW: Fall Boy's Bow Ties!

I'm so excited about the new Fall Season!  I have shown you a few of my favorite skirts, now lets take it down a size (literally) to our new merch in miniature.  I'm talking our Little Guy's Bow Ties!  Who needs Barbie and Ken when we have our own children, nieces, nephews and grandchildren to play dress up with!

 I had a blast picking out these outfits!  Lets go over them, shall we?
Boys Bow Ties
You have a lot more freedom dressing little kids.  What may look 'too much' on you and your spouse would be adorable on those three feet and below.  You can go matchy-matchy, or like my five year old niece says, 'I don't match, I coordinate.'

Above, I coordinated.  All of the tops above can be found at J. Crew.  My favorite bow ties for the fall are the wool and houndstooths.  I love the Stretch Houndstooth-Beige and Ivory.  That is my favorite bow tie this season!  It looks great with black, white, red, teal, orange, purple, pink, gingham, prints...I could go on and on!  We also have it in Black and White above to the right.  The Speckled Wools are a close second favorite of mine.  They are available in Black and Teal.  For a light weight pattern?  I love the Persimmon that I have on the little boy above!

We have all these ties in Men's Ties as well!  You can get one for all the men in your life!


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