Friday, September 7, 2012

Booties & Preteens!

Alright ladies we've covered your high boots with straight skirts.  We've also explored full skirts with equestrian boots.  Now, lets talk about your little ladies.  This segment we are going to cover pre-teens and teens.
This skirt style is going to be full short skirts.  This kind of skirt should only be worn by 18's and under.  Its a very fun, flirty, cute look.  What looks great with this?  Booties!!

Here's my tip.  This skirt is cute, so keep the booties edgy.  The contrast is cool, which is all the rage for teens.  I love the ones above!  The two on the left are more practical with a lower heel.  If your teen is into heels, the brown booties on the right are dynamite!

One last time:
           SHORT FULL SWING+GIRL+BOOTIES=MATCH MADE IN TEEN HEAVEN!                                     
To close out this series on boots I'll show you my top favorites boots this season next week!  Stay tuned!


  1. What do you think about booties with swim skirts for the over forty set?

  2. Hey Donna!

    What exactly do you mean by swim skirts? I am not exactly sure what that is. Let me know and I'll have an answer asap!

  3. Oops! I meant swing skirts! That would be interesting, booties with a swim skirt!!!

  4. HA! That makes much more sense. Yes! I love booties with swings! In fact, we have a photo somewhere of one of our models wearing booties with the Felted Eyelet Brown. When I get back into town I will find that photo and post it for you after next week!

    So here are the rules for swings and booties: For 18 and under you can keep the swings shorter and wear booties.
    For adults: Be more modest with your swing, keep the hem lines longer. When I say short, I mean mid thigh. We should wear swings just above the knee in my opinion.

    Save the short skirts for the Pencils and Alines!

  5. Thank you! Yes, all my swings are definitely just above the knee!!