Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Fall Layering!

Fall fashion involves layers upon layers of coordinating garments to complete an outfit.  It can be overwhelming and mix-matched if done in the wrong way.  When done right, you can look like one fashionable lady.  I'm going to help you be the latter.

I went to Nordstrom with the Canary Wool Tweed and the Wild Side-Lavender to layer it up!  Lets start with the Canary...
1st: Find a printed top with the color of the skirt in the fabric.  I picked this collared floral.  If this is all you want to start with, wrap a belt around it and call it a day.  If you want more layers, continue to scroll...
2nd: Find a neutral sweater to put over the blouse.  I like to hike the sleeves up on the sweater to show the blouse below and keep the shirt tails tucked out.  If this is all the layering you want, stay put.  If you want more, keep scrolling...
3rd: Accessory time.  I like this belt.  Here I have it around my natural waist.  Around your hips is good too!

Keep scrolling for the final look...
4th: Outerwear.  I am dressing this skirt for the office so I picked a blazer.  This blazer has 3/4 length sleeves so the blouse sleeves show which I love!  Pick a solid color jacket to keep it simple.  I recommend to only have one print in your look when layering.  Otherwise you can have an overwhelming messy look.

Next: The Wild Side-Lavendar
This skirt has a print to it so I picked all solids to go with it.  I recommend a black or white blouse.  If you want a simple layering look, stop here.  If you want more continue on...
2nd: Sweater time.  I used the same neutral sweater to keep things easy.
3rd: Accessory.  Same neutral belt.  Remember to wear brown shoes and a brown bag if your going to wear a brown belt.

4th: Outerwear.  I picked a solid black blazer to finish off this look.  

Layering can be simple if you have standby pieces, like a blouse, belt, sweater and jacket.  That way, all you have to do is swap out the bottoms.

If you want a simpler layering look, the look below is one of my personal favorites...
Find a slinky cardigan, an awesome belt and a long sleeve tee.  I hiked the sleeves up on the sweater and let the white tee sleeves show.  Belt at your natural waist or don't wear a belt at all.

I love a good blazer.  The trick is to buy one that fits you well.  A long sleeve or blouse with your favorite Sevier Skirt and your fitted blazer makes a professional outfit.

One of the best ways to layer is adding a scarf to any outfit.
Have fun with it!

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