Wednesday, September 12, 2012

NEW: Fall/Winter Skirts

I have very exciting news today!  Our 2012 Fall and Winter line is finally up on our website!
I am so impressed with the great finds Suzanne and Mary picked this season.  There are so many great animal prints, abstract prints and florals.  Below are a few of my absolute favorites!

When I used to pick out my Sevier Skirts in the past, I thought 'what will I get the most use out of?' I always picked based on wearability.  This mentality always left me picking my second or third choice skirt because I thought my number one choice wasn't practical.
Well ladies, I have changed my way of thinking and I hope you will too!  If your going to spend money on your wardrobe, make it a knock out one.  Pick that skirt that you can easily outfit, while still getting stopped on the street and asked about.  A good option is the Santa Maria Canvas above.  This is a statement.  At the same time there are plenty of colors leaving it easy to pair with tops.
My only warning: Don't stray too far from your comfort zone.  If you hate animal prints, don't get a zebra patterned skirt.  If orange isn't in your color wheel, don't buy an orange skirt!  I want you ladies to step out of your boundaries this skirt season while still getting a knockout skirt that you can wear for years!

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