Monday, September 24, 2012

SOW: Knit Houndstooth Black & Ivory

We've got a fresh one for this weeks SOW!  The Knit Houndstooth Black & Ivory is a brand spankin' new 2012 Fall Fabric and were giving it to you 20% off this week!  Buy online or at your next skirt party.

The Knit Houndstooth has a lot of stretch in it, and I mean a lot.  I recommend this skirt in a swing.  If you dress for comfort and style, this is your skirt.  It will hang beautifully on you.

This skirt is incredibly easy to match.  It is black and Ivory so all colors besides a brown top go with it.  I love red with houndstooth so I picked a red jacket to go with the skirt above.  

Aside from the look above, here is what I recommend for the Knit Houndstooth: white or black top (blouse or knit long sleeves) with a red or royal blue or another bold cardigan over top.

Hint: This weeks Game Day Look will be done with this skirt.  Can you guess which school its going to be?! 



  1. What is the price?

  2. It is $136 for this week only! It is normally $170