Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Thanksgiving Picks!

Thanksgiving is right around the corner so today lets talk top picks for one of my favorite holidays!  When I think Thanksgiving I think warmth, spice, pumpkin pie, orange and of course family!  I kept this in mind while shopping through the Sevier Skirt closet and here is what I came up with...
Thanksgiving Picks!
My top pick for you to sport at your Thanksgiving table has to be the Zig-Zag Adobe.  Burnt orange, mustard, olive, brown, red, and beige complete this skirt giving you plenty of colors to create an ensemble.  I paired the Zig-Zag with this Michael Stars Off the Shoulder Shine Sweater in the color Slumber.  Have I mentioned that Michael Stars is a one-size-fits-most company?  Perfect for plenty of turkey and stuffing next week :)

Lets move on to the Felted Eyelet Brown.  I have grown up saying, 'brown is beautiful!' to my mother who always hated the hue.  Brown is a warmer option when you want dark but not black.  I love the soft casual felt with the detailed embroidery in this skirt.  I love brown with corals, burnt orange, fuchsia, zesty greens, bright blues, and yellows.  Here I have it with the 3/4 Sleeve Band Crew in Coral Blossom.

Lastly I picked the Tribal Burnt Orange.  This skirt is a Sevier Skirt Staple.  What makes a Sevier Skirt Staple?  To me, its a skirt that has enough character that paired with a simple top will leave you with a killer outfit.  This skirt has color, pattern and minimal texture so it's not over the top.  Wear any color you would with the Zig-Zag Adobe up top and you're good to go!  I have her here with the Michael Stars Long Sleeved Cowl in Desert.

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