Friday, November 9, 2012

Holiday, Celebrate!

With Halloween behind us, the mall displays are starting to remind us that the holidays are right around the corner.  Personally, I can't wait!!  Sure I love Thanksgiving, but I want to start prepping for the Christmas parties!

There are many ways you can go when dressing for your holiday parties.  I will try to cover them all.  I am going to start with the Classic Black look.
"Holiday, Celebrate
If we took a holiday, took sometime to celebrate
Just one day out of life, it would be, it would be so nice"

Starting with the skirt.  The Ramona is very flattering beginning with the color.  Moving on from the color, lets talk structure/texture.  This is a medium-heavy weight skirt.  This means it will keep you in tight and secure.  Combine this with your spanx and you will feel 10 lbs. lighter!  I picked this asymmetrical top to keep you modestly covered up while adding a hint of sex appeal ;)

Accessories are you're skirts best friend.  They can be the extra bling to your outfit.  When going all black, pick a vibrant colored coat for that pop.  Play up your look with blingin' heels and clutch.  It's enough sparkle for you to shine this holiday season!


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