Friday, November 30, 2012

How To: Fur Vest

Have you seen the new trend: Long Fur Vest?   Wonder how to wear it?  Wonder how to wear it with a skirt?  Me too!

So I went to Dillards with my curiosity and the Duchess Blue Velvet and found me a fur vest.  I picked this darker one to give a nice contrast to the Duchess.  I threw it on and felt incredibly boxy, not attractive at all.  The hem of the vest hit the skirt at mid flare showing no definition to my waist.

That is where the skinny belt comes in.  Throw it around the vest at the smallest part of your torso.  This will give you your figure back in this all consuming outer layer!  Throw on some boots and you will be ready to walk in a ski lodge to sip some hot cocoa!
What is the right top to wear with this look?  You want something subtle.  The main attraction is the vest and the skirt, don't take away from that.  So I took the neutral color from the skirt (gray), and picked that for the top.  Also, the Duchess Blue Velvet screams Winter Wonder Land to me so I wanted something with an icy-cold feel to it.
Not into the vest?  Thats cool, lets go a different route.

As always, I want you to experiment with color!  Look how complimentary this blue is with this rose color...
Want more neutrals?  Go for this brown snake skin-like crop jacket with a white undershirt.  I like the sleek texture against the velvet of the Duchess.  

Most important thing?  Look how the skirt and jacket shine from the flash of the camera.  The Duchess photographs beautifully.  Stand out in photos at your holiday parties this year!
Style Tip:  Sevier Skirts look great with crop jackets!  They don't cover up any of your custom look and if you're a small waisted gal, it shows that off.  Don't take my word for it, try one on pronto!
Snake Skin Jacket close up
Have a great weekend ladies!  I'll see you back here early Monday morning ready to discuss some deals!  

All of these tops came from Dillard's

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