Friday, November 16, 2012

Black & Brown: How To!

Afternoon ladies!  Time for a pop quiz.  Can anyone tell me the difference between the two pictures below?

Easy, on the left, there is a black bag and on the right there is a brown one, duh.  The real question is which one is better?  I'll tell you, the right one!  Today I want to go over wearing black and brown together.  Yes, they can go together, but you must do it in the right way!
Naomi Black
Naomi Black

It is so simple to follow.  If you want to wear a black outfit and add brown in, do it with the accessories. The rule is to keep all of the accessories the same color!!  So, if you're wearing a black bag, wear black shoes as well.  If you're wearing a brown bag, wear brown shoes!  Yes, it is that simple.
Top: Ann Taylor Loft (In stores now!!)
Skirt: Naomi Black
Boots:Steve Madden (In stores now!)
Belt: Ann Taylor Loft
The rule applies to all accessories.  Brown boots?  Wear a brown belt!  In the picture above, the black and brown combo is perfect.  Belt and boots same color? Check.  Also, if you want to incorporate it in your actual outfit, find a pattern with both the colors.  I recommend cheetah.  First of all, cheetah is very in right now.  The black looks great with the skirt and the brown is a nice change up.  If you're going to sport cheetah this season, find a purple accessory.  The mix is great!

Now you might say, 'Christina, the purse below is black paired with a brown boot?!'  And you would be half correct.  The bag below has all brown leather accents from the strap to the patches.  This is another great brown and black combo like the cheetah top above!
Purse: Niche

Now the next tip I give you is just a tip, and a personal pet peeve.  It's not a must do or don't.
When you're pairing your accessories, try to keep the browns and black in the same color family.  For instance, the picture on the left has the same color brown in the boots as the leather in the bag.  On the right, the browns are two different hues to match.  Try to avoid ladies!
Mixing black and brown is one of my favorite color combos.  It can make a strong, clean look as long as its done right!  Questions? Feel free to ask!

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