Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Rock the Vote!

The day is finally here ladies...election day!  I am a first time voter and I have just returned from casting my vote with my 'I voted' sticker proudly displayed on my shirt!

Here at Sevier Skirts we would never want to sway your decision on who to vote for, only what outfit to wear to the polls!

On the left I went classy politicians wife in all neutrals.  To make this look patriotic you will need your American flag pin on your jacket.  Don't shy away from off white in the winter ladies, embrace this monochromatic color scheme in the Cathedral Ivory and this Michael Stars Long Sleeve Cowl top!  This look is good all winter long!

On the right we are going red, white and blue with the Nepal-Poppy and Michael Stars Long Sleeve Boat Neck Tee.  I love the rich, warm colors and abstract pattern mix.

I hope the lines aren't too long for you!  Happy Voting!

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