Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Style My Skirt: Godfrey Houndstooth-Kiwi

 With Black Friday quickly approaching I went in search of a store that will give you the deals come Friday!  In Cool Springs right off of the 68 A Exit is a charming boutique called Moxie Petites.  For our 5'3" ladies and below, this store is for you!  I nabbed the Godfrey Houndstooth-Kiwi and went shopping!
 The Godfrey is one of our skirts that I recommend for the work place!  This is a heavy-weight fabric perfect all winter long.  The motif is created from different direction woven patterns to create the houndstooth fabric.  This is not a screen print ladies!  The hand has a smooth feel to her.  She is finished with a blind hem.  So again, take this girl to work!
 I started with black.  This sleeveless blouse with the ruffle trim around the neck and exposed zipper is a nice alternative to your staple button down black work shirt.  Two pictures above I paired it with a gray sweater to tie in the gray houndstooth of the skirt.
 To keep it simply professional, I like this taupe button down.
Don't be afraid to play with color!  Green and reds are complimentary colors, making kiwi and rose a great match!  Want to coordinate?  Add a color belt that is found in the skirt, like this gray belt shown.  It ties it all together!
When walking around the store I found a green the exact color of the skirt.  I wondered, 'is this too much?'  I think with a belt and a neutral shoe its a great combo for those that love to match!  The T-shirt material of this top makes for a great casual Friday look.

Hurry over to see Roxanne (owner) in Cool Springs this Friday.  Doors open at 8 for some great deals.  Who knows, maybe you'll find some of the pieces here discounted (wink, wink)

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