Monday, May 21, 2012

SOW: Eurydice Eyelet

This weeks SOW is one of my top 3 favorite skirts that we got in this season.  I can say with confidence that the Eurydice Eyelet will NEVER go out of style!! This skirt is perfect for those of you who think, 'I love this, but will I wear it enough to get my moneys worth?'  Ladies, this skirt will pay you back!! Not only is it timeless but it is also a versatile skirt due to its neutral color.  You can wear every single color with this skirt.  It is a light weight eyelet over white cotton so it can be worn casual.  It has a sheen in the stitching that allows it to be dressy as well! Wait, there is more:  this skirt can be dressed beachy, classic, trendy, funky....etc. etc.  Our Nashville Sales Rep, Rachel thinks of this skirt as her 'white jeans'. Meaning that anything you would wear with white bottoms you can pair with this skirt and still get that clean classic look without the hazard of picking up stains!!!

I have created two looks for this skirt.  The first is the beach casual look.  I love the white flowy top with aqua accents.  Red and aqua is big right now so I chose a bright red hat to top this look off with!!
Eurydice Eyelet
The second look I went for was clean-classic.  For this look I went through White House Black Markets online closet to pick out a solid staple black top and a white blousy tank.  Either of these colors will work in getting your classic look.  In case you haven't noticed, I LOVE belts with my skirts.  Don't be afraid to try one for your new look!!
Eurydice Eyelet

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