Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Skirt School

Sevier Skirts is expanding!  I don't think I can express in type how excited we are about our new sales reps but I'll try my best!!  Ann and Nancy are teaming up together to take on Atlanta and Heidi will be covering the Texas territory!  To be a sales rep for Sevier Skirts you have to go back to school.  Skirt School that is.  Suzanne holds two skirt schools a year consisting of day and night training Monday to Friday.  Usually Skirt School is held in Nashville, but this season Suzanne took the girls down to Atlanta and Charleston for a change of scenery.
Our brightly colored "Teacher" and Skirt School "Students"
From left to right: Ann, Suzanne, Heidi and Nancy

Skirt School is an intense 5 day process of learning the ins and outs of the skirt business along with faux skirt parties day and night.  We offer a $50 gift certificate to our willing participants who come to them!    Suzanne requires each rep to measure a number of different body types in order for them to be knowledgeable about fit along with flattering silhouettes to recommend for their body type.  It is such an intense week that Suzanne jokingly tells the reps, "if you weren't a drinker before this week, you will be one after!"

Suzanne showing Heidi how its done

House at which the faux party was held

What makes our orientation different from other business's?  It is more hands on and done by the owner of the company.  We ensure that our ladies are trained by the best of the best, so to do that our first sales rep, Suzanne shows them the reins.
Heidi and Nancy taking over!
As intense as Skirt School is, the ladies have a great time getting know each of other and chatting about their lives as they undertake this new path for themselves.  There is a great deal of camaraderie knowing that everyone is working towards the same goal of making Sevier Skirts the best it can be for our wonderful customers!
Ann and Nancy cheesin' while going through samples
Welcome aboard ladies!  We are so pleased to have you on our team!  

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