Wednesday, May 30, 2012

"Girls Just Want to Have Fun..."

Recently, our amazing South Carolina sales rep Ashley put together a little photo shoot.  And by little I mean it, it was for tween aged girls ;)  Tiny little things.  Anyway, we have tweaked our tween aged skirts in the last week so I thought now was a perfect time to show off Ashley's hard work!  Ashley's amazing photographer Leslie Kerrigan doesn't just snap the shot.   She will go with you to shop for your outfit, along with finding props to fit your vision.  In short, she is amazing.
Ashley is a mother of three, two of whom are little girls.  So it comes as no surprise that she decided to focus a great deal of time on our kids line.  I have never actually met Ashley as she live in South Carolina, though we have chatted many times on the Sevier Skirt business line!  We receive her family photos every Christmas.  I have come to conclude from these photos that Ashley hires child models to be her 'children'. There is no other explanation.  They are too cute, and too photogenic.  Never did I imagine that she would go to such lengths as to hire an entire child agency to play her 'friends children' and 'neighborhood kids'!  These girls are too good to be true!  Whats in your water down there in South Carolina Ashley?!

Little ladies strikin' a pose

I told you your Sevier Skirt would stop traffic ;)
'I want to be the one to walk in the sun,
oh girls they want to have fun,
oh girls just want to have fun!'
Theres more to come of these photos and more information coming on our new and improved tween skirts!  So stay tuned!

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