Monday, May 28, 2012

SOW: Weisbrod Green

This weeks SOW is the Weisbrod Green.  It is one of our brocades in the shop.  A brocade is a weaved design with a raised pattern.  The raised pattern on this fabric is very slight, it is not heavily textured. 
I hate to wear blacks and grays in the summer time.  Cue the Weisbrod!  This is the perfect work skirt for the summer time.  It is a medium weight fabric so it will be appropriate in the work space, it isn't flouncy.  I like this skirt because it is very structured so it is the perfect skirt for a Pencil.  It will keep you in!  No unwanted humps or bumps in this skirt :)  Due to the weight of this skirt, you can wear this all year long!
I am so excited about our new addition to the shop, so I went with all Michael Stars tops to match with your Weisbrod.  The colors you have to work with are green, blue and white.  That being said, blue is my favorite color to pair this skirt with!  It really draws out the blue in the skirt.  
You are not limited to those three colors though.  I also love yellow and fuchsia with this skirt (but maybe not together).  If you are hesitant to go with a bright color like fuschia, I completely understand.  Here's a tip though: I always see Suzanne wearing off the wall colors with her skirts.  The trick is she always pairs it with a similar color cardigan.   The outcome is fabulous!   I want the look every time.  I think I see a blog in our future with 'Bright tops: How to wear them best' !!  What do you think?!

Michael Stars
As far as shoes go, I say either match the green dead on or go nude or white with it.
Happy Memorial Day!!! Hope you can spend the day off of work like me!


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