Friday, May 25, 2012

Coming Soon: Michael Stars

Alright ladies, get excited because Sevier Skirts is about to make it easier for you to make outfits with your skirts.  In mid June, we will be selling Michael Stars tops to our Sevier Customers!!!  Michael Stars is a fabulous company that founded the 'original tee' over two decades ago.  Since then his company has grown to everything: tops, shorts, dresses, jewelry etc.  His tops are amazing.  Like us, his company believes that being stylish and comfortable should be one in the same.  That is why his shirts are made in a special stretch making his tees one size fits most.  Thats right, no having to risk ordering the wrong size online and sending it back.  It is 99% guaranteed to fit you!!
Michael Star's Tees
We have ordered his most bright fun tops along with essential black and white must haves.  On our website in mid June, when you shop for a skirt we will have complimentary shirt options available for you  to shop.  No matter what, you will have a killer outfit!  Yesterday our favorite (and only) photographer Kiki came in to photograph the tops...
Kiki doing her thing :)
The tops will range from $48 to $90.  Though the tops are not custom like our skirts, you will find some better for your body types than other shirts found else where.  Some are made especially for shorter torsos, or women with larger busts.  They pretty much cover it all!
Mary dressing our lovely dress form!
We will offer different colors for the Fall and Spring.  I am SO excited about this, aren't you!?


  1. I hope you will carry the 2231 Dolman Drape. Their dolman styles are very figure flattering and are my go-to tops for all of my Sevier skirts.

  2. I love that one! Ill pass this request on to our buyer!