Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The Perfect Pink

Pink is one those colors that can be soft and sweet or really bold.  If you think pink is way too girly for you...think again!  Sevier Skirts is all about being able to take a color and wear it several different ways.  Visit our Website to shop by color

 Radial Target in Hot Pink
This option is great because it adds just a hint of pink to an outfit.  We paired it with an equally hot pink top, but you can also pair it with a white peasant shirt or even mint green or light yellow for a more subtle look. So Spring-y!  We love it!

Meet the sweeter side of pink!  The Blush Seqins is a light pink sequins skirts that can be dressed up or down with the right pairings and accessories.  I know what you're thinking..."A sequin day skirt?" Yes!  When paired with a casual tee like the one pictured this skirt is absolutely appropriate for a lunch date.

 Weather you're a hot pink gal or gravitate towards pastels find it in the Pink section of our website.

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