Monday, February 24, 2014

Skirt Of The Week

Happy Monday!  It's that time of the week again when we get to introduce a new SOW (skirt of the week).  Until Sunday 3/2, you will be able to purchase the  Naomi White skirt online at 20% off it's regular price.

The best thing about this skirt?  It can be paired with just about anything from jewel tones to pastels and everything in between.  Check out our selection of everyday tees to get inspired!

naomi white


  1. ohh soo cool!! i would prefer this skirt with red one..
    although i have a skirt in sam ecolor..
    will they match with that one also?

  2. Hey Jessica! The great thing about a white skirt, even if it has little details like yours, is that it can go with almost any color. I love these shirts because they are so bright and spring-y! I see that your skirt may be made out of a thicker knit material. This is the perfect time of year to mix that with spring tees like the ones above!


  3. I have kind of a strong question but here this fabric and design "weight gathering". I think it is so cute but I am am less than svelte!

  4. Thanks for the question! The Naomi is a lightweight cotton material so it's flattering on all body types. If you're worried about stretch or gathering I would suggest a swing skirt that is less fitted than a pencil or classic skirt. Most fabrics are available in all three cuts.