Friday, February 28, 2014

Maxi Skirts

Since last season, The Maxi Skirt has become a Spring/Summer and even early Fall staple.  They're so great because they can be dressed up for a special occasion or worn casually with a cute chambray top and sandals. 

Over here at the Sevier Skirts office we love the ease and slight elegance of a great Maxi.  So much so that we offer a number of fabrics that look and feel great as a longer skirt!

Check out these fabric options that work as a Maxi:
(And Don't forget our Skirt Of The Week that you can get at 20% off it's normal price!  This week we're loving the Naomi White skirt!  )

                                            Artisan Stripe Crepe                                           Andros Aqua and Orange
Ellis Orange (also comes in tan)

Also, the Blush Sequin or Collette Floral Embroidery  make a stunning special occasion Maxi skirt.  Perfect for wearing to your next wedding or fundraiser.  Ask your sales rep about making your next Sevier Skirt a Maxi!

*Because of the additional fabric all Maxi skirts require a $70 surcharge
If you have any questions email us at
Have a happy Friday!

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