Friday, February 14, 2014

Sweet Valentine: The Look & Menu!

This Valentine’s kick your outfit up a notch and really shine in a sequins number like the Blush Sequins.  This lady-like sophisticated hue in this straight sequin style brings sweet and sexy together for an unbeatable look. 

To complete this outfit, I stuck to neutrals with this darling peplum lace top, cream coat and matching blush heel and clutch.
Sweet Valentine

Now where to wear this number?  You can take this get-up out on the town, or in with your honey.  My plans include the latter.  Every V-day as customary, I write my beau a poem and we cook together.  On the menu this year is the following…

1. The Cocktail:  Berry Whiskey Smash

It’s Valentines, spruce up your after work drink from a beer to a cocktail.  This cocktail has the whiskey for the men and the berries for the women.

I love wedge salads, my boyfriend loves caesars-this recipe is a win-win!

If there was a romantic food, I would have to say it is pasta.   Not sure if it’s from the image of Lady and the Tramp with the noodles or if I just find Italians down-right sexy…you know what, it’s definitely the Italians.

Happy Valentine’s to you all.  Have a blast!

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