Friday, September 20, 2013

What's a Tweed Exactly??!

Fashion inspires fashion, so today I headed over to one of my favorite lifestyle blogs, Cupcakes  & Cashmere, to pick her brain or her blog rather for some fashion envy posts.  Living in the skirt world, I love to see how others are wearing their favorite non-bifurcated (two legs) garments.  Her tweed and stripes outfit caught my eye...
 For a speckle wool look, check out the Speckle Wool Tweed!  
So what is a tweed exactly?  A tweed is a smooth wool with a homespun appearance.   The interesting color effect is made by twisting together multiple colored woolen strands.  Tweed is not a pattern, like a herringbone, though it is often woven into like patterns. 
I love the contrast of the pink belt and yellow skirt.  Below, arrow over to check out the three looks I put together with the Amethyst Wool Tweed, Canary Wool Tweed and the Saffron Silk Tweed with complimentary stripes top.

Sevier Skirts favorite tweeds have a soft luxurious feel.  For a warm wool, they are light to medium in their weight.

Above I have three stripes and tweed looks with different accessories to match.

I paired the Amethyst Wool with its complimentary color: yellow.  These colors are made for each other so pair 'em up any time!  For a casual business look, go for comfortable cheetah flats, brown belt and classic trench.

For the Saffron Silk, I went with a fresh mint to contrast the warm orange.  Throw on riding boots for a casually put together look.

Lastly, I have the Canary Wool Tweed.  Again, yellow and purple are complimentary colors so I went a little outside the purple lines with this cranberry number to set the yellow off.  A red belt is a fun way to tie in the cranberry.  Throw on pumps and you've got another great business casual look!