Monday, September 16, 2013

SOW: Corvina Burnt Orange!

Some skirts are made for work, some for play.  This weeks SOW is made to be worn out and shown off.  This hot number is whats missing from your next date.  The Corvina Burnt Orange is 20% off this week only.  Its not just the deal thats red hot!

This beautifully painted burnt orange velvet is a medium to heavyweight fabric, perfect for the cooler months.  The burnt orange/red backdrop is sultry and warm with a fresh lime and bronze playful paisley print pattern.  The Corvina comes in a Pencil and Classic.
Velvet Fall
I dressed the Corvina above for your next date night option.  The Corvina speaks loud enough for one outfit to handle.  No need to over-do it up top.  I suggest keeping the top simple with a black, ivory, white, brown, or other neutral color shirt.  I love the soft textured velvet with a contrasting smooth leather, so I went for a simple leather jacket.  Black and brown are two of my favorite colors to wear together so I picked mostly brown accessories to go with the black top.

Booties are all the rage this season.  To change it up, I picked this wooden stiletto heel bootie with a peep toe and buckle.  For any of the items above, click the icons below for pricing and further shopping!

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