Wednesday, September 18, 2013

How WE wear white for fall!

Last week I explained why you SHOULD wear white after Labor Day.  Made up fashion rules are meant to be broken by those who can pull it off!  If you missed last weeks break-down, the only rules are keep the winter whites an appropriate fabric.  Thats it in a nut shell, now lets move on :)

As I was scrolling through Instagram (yes, we are on Instagram.  More on that later) I caught a picture of Ashley styling the Jax-White.  What an AMAZING look!!  It's the perfect example of correctly wearing white in the cooler months.
While we sold out of the Jax a season ago, another great option is the Naomi.  The white or ivory will work for this look.  I love the texture for fall, giving the look more substance than a thin cotton skirt.  Below, I re-created Ashley's look...
Wednesday Whites!
Gray peplum sweater+Naomi Ivory+Frye Boots+leather cuff=Effortless Fall!

With a solid white skirt, you can choose any color sweater up top.  I love the contrast of the sturdy riding boots with the feminine skirt.  You can wear this cozy outfit anywhere!

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