Monday, September 30, 2013

SOW: Vivian Black!

The SOW this week is hot, hot, hot!  One of my favorite LBS'S (Little Black Skirts) is on sale 20% off this week only: Vivian Black!  This skirt is great all year round, especially for the holidays.

The Vivian is a medium-heavy weight fabric.  The base is a sturdy woven beige with black flocked zebra print on top.  Flocked basically means that it feels like velvet.  The Vivian is complete with a blind hem.  This baby was made for a straight style.  Be it Classic or Pencil, be ready to show some leg!


Black and beige are the easiest colors to match.  I have it here with this orange silky blouse.  All colors are a go with this skirt: red, coral, blue, green, mustard, yellow, white, black, fuchsia, the list can go on and on!  This is a hot little number so I topped it off with this feisty jacket.  

For the office, keep the blouse and add a blazer or cardigan and classic black pumps.

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