Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Your BEST boot style: Mid Calf

It's finally time for my favorite skirt accessory: BOOTS!!!  I wait all summer long to bust out my leg lengthening leather kicks.  From booties, to calf, to knee to over the knee, there are styles for every leg.   Boots can accentuate your best assests, they can hide your problem areas.  When worn incorrectly, they highlight problem ares.  Today, I am going to tackle the hardest boots in my opinion to wear: Calf Length Boots.
Q:Who should wear calf length boots?
A: Short girls with skinny calfs.

Calf length boots hit right at the widest part of your calf.  Where they hit, they accentuate.  If you love your calves, this is great for you.  If you don't, stay away from them.  Alternatively, if you have thin calves, where they hit will make your calves appear bigger.

Mid Calf Boots
Above I have three tips for calf-length boots.

1. The Cowboy Boot
Cowboy boots have a slight heel and pointy toe, perfect for lengthening the leg if you need extra height.  Have skinny calves?  A slouchy pair like the ones above give extra width to your calf.

2. The Biker Boot
Great for the Apple Shape body types and girls with small calves.  This boot cuts right across your calf giving it a wider look.  For the Apple Shape ladies, your legs need help standing out; a bulky boot is perfect for that!

3. Matching Tights & Boots

You have larger calves, but you want to wear mid-calf boots anyway.  First of all, you go girl!  Here's a tip to pull this off.  Whatever color your boots are, wear the same color tights.  The similar color tights will flow seamlessly to the boots, down to your toes not breaking up your look.  If you're short this is a great lengthening tip for you as well!

DON'T:  If you have wide calves, and want to wear calf-length boots, DO NOT shove them in jeans.  Just don't do it.  Wear a skirt or dress, and thank me later ;)


  1. Boots are the one thing that I don't struggle with ... which is probably why I love skinny boot so much! It's my favourite thing to shop for.

  2. Well I am having the hardest time finding my go-to boots this season! Where is you're favorite place to shop for them??