Tuesday, September 3, 2013

SOW: Vivian Coral!

Lets knock this short work week out with a SOW that has color, texture and print.  The Vivian Coral is 20% off this week only!

This flocked abstract animal pattern lays against a beige canvas backdrop.  Flocked?  What the?  Technically flocked means depositing tiny small fibers to an area.  What you need to know, is the effect is a soft velvet look and feel.  This is a medium weight fabric that I would wear all year round.  This is a structured skirt made for the straight styles.  Get ready legs, you're about to be shown off!
Work and Play
The Vivian comes in my latest favorite apparel color: CORAL!  Coral brightens you up, leaving a healthy glow.  I love the way the Vivian wears.  As you walk, the sheen of the velvet picks up light giving it many shades of this beautiful hue.

I love this skirt for multiple occasions so I put together a transitional outfit above.  Pick a top that is work appropriate and can be worn for a party after.  I love this wrap blouse.  From 9-5pm wear it with a blazer and pumps.  Ready to go out?  Ditch the blazer and play up your stems in a pair of strappy heels.  For a punch of color, pick out a fun color mint clutch and you've got yourself a hot look!

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