Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Feb 14th: Turn up the heat!

We have two weeks till V-day and no time to waste.  To me, there are two ways to dress on February 14th.  One way is the romantic, cute, pretty route.  This outfit will contain pinks, light reds and purples.  Another way is hot, sexy, yow-za.  Think 50 Shades of Gray.  If you've skipped ahead to the photo below, I think you know which we will cover today!

Thats right, were turning up the heat on this years Valentine's Day.  Surprise your husband this year by stepping out of the box, and into Sevier Skirt's Blockbuster!  Want a neutral?  No problem, go with the Platinum Coin!

I had plenty of skirts to choose from for the Hot V-Day look.  So why did I choose the two above?  Leather is sexy.  Leather is in.  But sometimes, leather can be too much, and slightly intimidating.  This is Sevier Skirts answer to the fashion leather trend: Faux Leather embellishments in a classy way.  Keep it minimal, keep it attractive, and keep your personality in the outfit!

On Friday, I'll be covering the romantic, cute side of V-Day.  Get those online orders in pronto to have the Platinum Coin, or the Blockbuster at your door in time for V-Day!!


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