Friday, January 25, 2013

Casual Friday: Sevier Sequins!!

On December 31st we pull out our one time-a-year sparkle, gather with friends and count backwards from 10 for the New Year.  On January 1st, we put that sequin dress back in our closet and leave it there for an entire year.  Sound familiar?

Times are a changin' and style is too!  A big trend this year is casual glitter.  Sevier Skirts is on the ball with this trend and has some great casual sequins for you come Spring!  My favorites are below: 
Sevier Sequins
I love, love, LOVE our geometric sequins in the 2013 line.  From zig-zag to houndstooth, we have it in sequins.  So how to bring the look down a notch and day time ready?  Simple, keep the rest of your look casual.

As always, a chambray top is the perfect way to play down the outfit.  For all three Sevier Sequins above, a chambray top will go.  Now pair with a casual cardigan like the pale pink above from The Gap.  Belt with a neutral brown leather belt.

Keep the shoes neutral.  I love the neutral bootie look.  A pair of riding boots or brown flats will do the trick too!

Try these tips out next Casual Friday and be amazed with the compliments!

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