Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Color Therapy

First impressions are crucial.  The first thing a person notices is how a person chooses to represent themselves fashionably.

If you walk into a corporate job interview in bright orange, you may not be taken seriously.  On the other hand, if you wear all black on your first day teaching kindergarten, your kids may not warm up to you quickly.

Color gives off a tone.  Be it happy, sad, playful, serious, wealthy, stable, etc. each emotion has a color that speaks for it.  Color even has the ability to turn your mood around.
Color Therapy
I wanted to see what tone our SOW outfit was giving off.  The Poly Petal Silver is classic, timeless, and soothing.    Studies show that gray wearers are self-sufficient individuals who are good at making judgements.  If gray is your hue, you would make a good critic!

Now pink says that you are affectionate, sympathetic and understanding.  Too much pink shows weakness when dealing with affairs of the heart.  I love pink.  Personally, I think it brightens skin tones.  Just don't overdue your outfit with pink and you will be A-Ok.

To wrap up, our outfit (as well as Sevier Skirts brand-gray & pink) is romantic, tender, timeless and soothing.  Sounds like the perfect combination for a woman, huh?

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