Friday, January 18, 2013

Winter Weather bring Spring Colors!!

You've heard of dressing for the job you want, correct?  How about dressing for the weather we want.  I'm not suggesting shorts and a tee shirt, but why do we have to dress drab because of the gray outdoors?  The truth is, Spring is all around us...
Bright Scarves

You can see it in the colors in your favorite stores from jars to scarves.

This winter, I challenge you to put down the dull dark accessories and brighten your look up a bit.  Stores everywhere are getting on board with pastel sweaters, bright jackets and floral winter wear.

I went to Anthropologie with two bright colored winter Sevier Skirts.  I went on a mission to look for a look that would put a pep in my step.  Here is what I came up with...
Speckle Wool Teal
Here's how I did it.  The Speckle Wool Teal has small colors speckled throughout it.  Pick one.  Use this color as your solid base long sleeve tee.  I chose fuchsia.  Now, pick an off the wall bright color sweater.  I picked this bright yellow/green with neutral crochet detailing at the top.  Now the next step is important!  Find an accessory (I picked a scarf) that has the color of your solid tee and sweater.  If your overall look so far doesn't have a pattern, pick an accessory that has one.  Now to finish this look off you need some neutrals to tone her down.  I found a pair of heels that match the skirt and then a brown belt to top her off.

Speckle Wool Teal
Same skirt, new look.  For this look, I went with teal's complimentary color: red.  I kept the same fuschia tee and found this red sweater with watercolor-like chiffon overlay.  The fuchsia and red are in the same color family making this look more subtle than the First Look.  I finished this look off with a neutral scarf and the same brown belt for a Spring Look that isn't over the top.

Vivian Coral
This last look is my favorite!  The Vivian Coral is one of my favorite skirts in Sevier history!  Here is how I did this look.  Take your skirt and find the color you want as your base color.  I went with the pink.  Now find a base color top.  This top will not show very much so a crazy print will be okay.  I chose a pink, blue and beige blouse.  Now pick a sweater, any color.  I chose a solid because my skirt and top have a print.  Now we need to pull this look together.  Cue your matching accessory.  This infinity scarf will do the trick as it has the green from the sweater and the pink from the skirt.  I kept the same brown neutral belt.  The only change I want to note is the shoes.  Wear a brown booty to match the belt.

Try this bright way of life for one winter look and feel a little warmer (on the inside anyway). ;) 
Blouse for Third Look
Accessory Recap

Sweaters for First, Second and Third Look

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