Wednesday, January 23, 2013

'Workin' 9 to 5' and then some...

During this mid-week January day, I'd like to take a minute to explain what goes into a Sevier Skirt.  Sure theres fabrics, interfacings, zippers and a tag-but you already know that.  What I mean is all of the behind the scenes action that has to be done to get your skirt to your front door.

For starters we have between 10-20 ladies in the shop working 40+ hours a week cutting, sewing, trimming, hemming, and packaging your skirts...
Suzanne compensates these ladies very fairly, a thing unheard of in the
fashion production industry.  
Another group of ladies is of course, our sales team!
All of our Sales Rep have to graduate from Skirt School to be Sevier Skirt Certified.  In short, they go through a week of intense training and then have a series of faux Skirt Parties to get them ready.

Now, onto the fabric.  Suzanne and Mary go on at least 2 trips a year to ensure we have the best selection for you come Skirt Party season...
This is where we send our girls to pick through fabric.  Scary isn't it?!  They
should film the next Chainsaw Massacre movie in this dimly lit location!!

Sure, there are fun parts to fabric shopping like seeing the upcoming trend forecasts...
Trend Forecast
Trend Forecast

But in all, its exhausting!  Not to mention stressful.  Mary and Suzanne sort through thousands of fabric trying to predict what our (fabulous) customers will be into multiple seasons ahead!  Each trip can make or break a season!

The kicker is, when they come home to Nashville, there are hundreds of fabric swatches for them to sort through...

Next: Fronts and Samples!
Once we have our fabrics selected, we have to make a front for each sales rep to have a nice selection for their rack...
Rachel workin' it at a Skirt Sale
Okay, so we have the fronts done, but wait theres more!  Every few seasons we update our patterns.  This season, we have tweaked our patterns to give you the absolute best fit to date!  Here is just a FEW of the samples...
These are the samples you try on at Skirt Parties to get your best fit!!
This is only ONE style.  Crazy huh?
Photo shoot time!! Cue Kiki, our amazing photographer...
Mary works long hours on photo shoot
day to dress each shot!
After ALL of that, I make the invitations and website graphics to display on our website.  Our web guru go-to Sue is a whiz with all of our website technical situations.  The rest, we leave up to our reps and hosts to get the parties going!!  

There is SO much that goes into the making of Sevier Skirts!  You buy our product, so we wanted to let you know exactly what your dollars go towards.  We couldn't do it without our team members and most importantly, we couldn't do it without you!

With each skirt purchased you become apart of the Sevier Family!  Thanks for keeping Suzanne's custom dream afloat!

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