Monday, October 8, 2012

SOW: Amsterdam Wool-Purple

It's cold outside so let's warm up with wool!  This weeks SOW is the Amsterdam Wool-Purple.  I'm into houndstooth this month so this SOW was a no brainer.  Pencil, A-line or a Swing will look dynamite with this medium weight purple number.
Sevier Skirts
I love a print on a skirt.  A print means you get to keep it basic up top, so there is almost no outfit dilemma when matching this skirt.  Go with a black or white top and leave the color to your accessories!
Colors I love with purple: yellow and turquoise!  Be it a bracelet, a necklace or earrings, try turquoise or yellow as an unexpected pop of color!
I love all of the chetah that's coming out of the wood work.  If you like it loud, try a chetah cardigan.  If you want less of a statement, I love the scarf I have above with the purple on the skirt.  It's a great combo!

Finish the look with black boots, a black bag and a black jacket and your good to go!

Original Price: $180
SOW Price: $144


  1. I hope you all choose a pink SOW sometime this month for Breast Cancer Awareness! But I do love the purple ; )

  2. Excellent point!! How does next week sound?! Thanks for writing in!