Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Sevier Color 101

Alright ladies, school is back in session so its time for Art 101.  Today I'm going to take it back to elementary school and go over the color wheel.  Not only will you be able to one-up your kids, but you'll also be able to coordinate your Sevier Skirts with color!

Have you ever seen the interesting colors Suzanne (owner) puts with her skirts and wonder why they look so great together?  Today Im going to teach you how to do it!  

Starting with the basics: 
Primary colors: Primary colors are Red, Yellow and Blue.  They form a triangle on the color wheel.
Secondary Colors: Purple, Orange and Green.  They too form a triangle on the color wheel.
Point:  Secondary Colors and Primary colors are directly across from each other on the color wheel.  This relationship is called Complimentary Colors.  Meaning, they look good together!
The Complimentary Colors are:

What are the small squares you ask?  They are known as Intermediate Colors.  They are formed when a Primary Color mixes with its adjacent Secondary Color.  Example: Blue mixed with Violet=Blue-Violet.

'How does this apply to our skirts Christina?!!!'  I'm getting to it, I promise!
When you want to stray away from your staple white or black top and want to add some color, reference the Sevier Skirt Color Wheel below!  

If you're wearing the Duchess Blue Velvet, mix it up with its complimentary color, an orange top!  Wearing the Yellow Canary Wool Tweed are you?  Throw on a purple top with it-they are made for each other!
Sevier Skirt Color Wheel
Now the trick is knowing when to use the intermediate colors.  Here's how I use them:  Red and Green scream Christmas to me.  It is a combination I try to avoid.  Here is what I do instead.  I take the Red Nepal-Poppy skirt and look to see its opposite(complimentary) color which is green.  Well I don't want straight up Green, so I am going to swing to its intermediate colors.  I like the Blue-Green, otherwise know as teal color with the Nepal-Red so I'm going to go with that.

Sometimes I don't like bright yellow with bright purple.  So I'll swing to the intermediate colors of Purple and choose the Blue-Violet otherwise known as Royal Blue.  Fuchsia (Red-Violet) will look good with the Yellow Canary Wool Tweed as well.

Lastly, when you don't want to wear blue and orange, go with blue and coral!

Now go apply what you've learned and wow the onlookers!

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