Friday, October 12, 2012

Game Day: LSU Tigers!

I chose this weeks Game Day because it goes in line with my Sevier Color 101 lecture.  The LSU Tigers know a thing or two about lookin' good, and I'm not talking their 5-1 record.  The LSU Tigers are Yellow and Purple.  Otherwise known as Complimentary colors!  So throw on your school spirit and color me happy, because these hues are made for each other!
LSU: Gameday
We have a few great LSU Game Day skirts.  I am going to start with my favorite, the Canary Yellow Tweed.  This wool is sophisticated and will never go out of style.  I love it with the maroon top and yellow patterned scarf.  

Three other great options are: The Wild Side-Lavender, Amsterdam Wool-Purple, and the Velvet Swirls-Mustard.

Have a great weekend!  Go Tigers!


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