Monday, October 22, 2012

SOW: Thomas Wool Plaid-Mustard & Gray

This weeks SOW is the Thomas Wool Plaid- Mustard & Gray!  This medium weight wool is great for the work place.  I don't see this plaid going out of style any time soon so you will get your money's worth with this one!
I went for 'Preppy School Girl' with this look!  I love the rich colors so I paired this skirt with a warm red colored sweater.  The yellow in the jacket makes the yellow stripes pop in the skirt.  

Other colors I would suggest with this skirt: plum, cream, white, black, brown and navy.  I hope you noticed that I finally completed one look without adding a chambray top!  Just for the record, a chambray top would be killer with this skirt!

I hope you ladies have a great start to your week!


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