Friday, October 5, 2012

Meet Reed!

Happy Friday ladies!!   I  am so excited to introduce you ladies to one of our youngest customers.  Ladies meet Reed McGehee.   Her mom Emily McGehee is one of our lovely hosts.  Her daughter is the proud owner of three Sevier Skirts!  Reed's name is as cool as her fashion sense and she has prepared a little fashion show for us!
Workin' the Antique Paisley

Good taste Reed, I love this skirt!!
This looks like the perfect school picture.  I'll take this time to tell you a thing or two about Reed:
Reed is 8 and a half and is in the third grade.  She loves to read non fiction books about animals and is a creative writer.  She loves to dance, play volleyball and hang with her friends.

Excellent job layering!
You clearly read my layering blog ;)
What her mom didn't mention is how she loves fashion!  I'm going to go ahead and assume its one of her top interests with her stylin' outfits!

Reed rockin' out!
I love seeing our skirts in action!  It's great to see how you gals style your skirts and bring your personality into your outfits, as Reed has done here.  

Thanks for sending in the photos Emily!  And watch out, you've got a little fashion-ista on your hands!


  1. I love the article and of course Reed loved it as well. Thanks for giving her some special treatment. :) Emily McGehee

  2. Aww I'm glad she liked it. It's the least I could do for one of our tiniest fashionistas!