Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Happy Halloween ladies!!

Who says Halloween is just for kids?  Today at the Skirt Shop, the ladies had a little fun of their own dressing up and of course, eating some treats!
Margarita is in the festive spirit with a pumpkin sewing machine in her island get up.
The force is with Courtney in her Princess Leia costume.
In the bottom right photo, Heather is Lovin' Lucy Zombie Style,
Mary is far out as a flower child, Magdalina is channeling Morticia Addams, while I am spreading my
Sevier Skirt scrap wings! 

All the ladies that got dressed up!

Yvonne what did you dress up as?  Just kidding!!!
Kelly is too cool as a Blues Brother.

Hulu Girl Margerita and a very lucky
black cat: Cristina!

Stacy being...well I'm just not sure!
I think I caught her mid raising-the-roof!
Have a great night everyone!  Be safe and get lots of candy!  I will leave you now with a few bad halloween jokes:

Q:What do ghosts put in their bras?
A: Boo-bies!

Q:Who do monsters buy their cookies from:
A: Ghoul Scouts!

Q:What can you say about a bad mummy joke?
A:It Sphinx!


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