Tuesday, July 10, 2012

SOW: 124 Discounted Skirts!!

If your a regular reader of this blog (and you better be!) Im assuming yesterday threw you a little bit.  Im sure you noticed there was no Skirt of the Week as usual on Monday.  Well you see ladies, we are having our little summer sale this week.  And by little, Im being modest.  Instead of having one skirt this week marked done 20%, we are marking down 124 skirts at extremely discounted prices!!!!

Here are a few of the skirts that you will see in our Summer Sale.  We are really excited to offer the sale to our customers online this year.  It's not fair to our out of Nashville customers to be missing out on these hot deals!

Tomorrow Ill be snaping a few photos of the sale in the shop to show you ladies the fun madness that goes on during our sales!  If you would like to be in the blog meet me at Sevier Skirts tomorrow around 2pm!

SUmmer Sale

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