Friday, July 13, 2012

Ellie meets Anthropologie

For this weeks shopping series I decided to go with the Pink Ellie.  I hate to be the bearer of bad news but the Ellie is no longer available.  'Christina, why are you teasing us with this blog entry!?'  is what you might be thinking.  Here's why:  the Pink Ellie was extremely popular this year and I know some of you would love some inspiration on what to wear with her.  Also, we are getting the Ellie in orange for the Fall so I thought I'd do a little highlight on the Ellies in general.

I picked Anthropologie for the Ellie because I think the Ellie can be dressed sophisticated, fancy and chic.  So here we go...
Lets start with neutrals.  The Ellie is a year round skirt.  That being said, here is a perfect shirt for the fall.  This is a medium weight knit sweater/cap sleeve.  The fringe on here is a lot of fun.  I would suggest riding boots for this ensemble.
I love this shirt below.  Its a white sheer tank with gold embellishments in a peplum style.  I think this is the perfect hostess outfit for when your having guests over.

When your on the go and want something casual, go with this white tank.  The detailing is simple and the shirt is comfortable.  Best part?  Its on sale.

Okay, favorite outfit time.  I LOVE this turquoise tank.  It flares out so I would suggest a belt with it.  This is the perfect birthday girl outfit.  I would suggest nude heels.

Favorite outfit with a different belt.  This belt is navy with gold and pink wrapped around it.  Notice the neckline on this blouse...gorgeous.

Next up:  Similar look as above but more casual with this sheer sleeveless.

Closeup with gold braided belt.

Last look: Gathered beige tank.  Self belted.  What you can't see in this picture is the shimmer in this top.  Its very cute!

All my picks spread out.

Belt options

Love these ballet flats.  Perfect colors for the Ellie Pink.

On a different note: Here is the best lip balm you will ever try!  Had to snap a photo for you ladies!
And now, I leave you with this random cactus.  Oh Anthropologie, you can be quite quirky sometimes!

Have a great weekend ladies!!  And remember, our online sale lasts till the 20th so get your orders in!

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