Tuesday, July 24, 2012

SOW: Naomi Ivory

This weeks SOW is late, but worth the wait.  When we began our blog, I started off with the Naomi Black as the very first SOW.  Truth be told, the Naomi Ivory was what I had my heart set on for the first one!!  I LOVE the Naomi Ivory! It's so romantic.  The Naomi's are all lightweight crisp cotton, with strips of gathered fabric stitched on top in random curved patterns.
When I look at this skirt, I absolutely have a 'Gone With the Wind'(GWTW) moment every time.  This is the skirt a modern Scarlett O'Hara would have picked.  It is flattering, and feminine.  I would pick this skirt in a Pencil, or A-Line.  I didn't use this skirt for our first SOW due to timing.  Our first SOW was in the winter and the Naomi Ivory is lined in cotton.  Cotton lining and hose don't mix.   They cling to hose.  So I would stick to the warmer months with this one.  Plus, it looks great with a tan!
Above are some inspirations for your Naomi Look.  The middle is my favorite so lets start there.  Although I have a Southern GWTW inspiration, this look is very New York to me.  A sharp looking button down black blouse, belted and topped off with a black leather bag.  Rock a gold bangle and your lookin' good in the office and out to dinner after!
To the right is a cute peplum lace top, black heels and a shawl wrap.  Great for a nice evening out.  Break out the pearls for this one!
On the left is a fun colorful number.  I like the print with the Naomi.  You can wear so much with this solid.

Ill leave you with this thought:
Romantic skirt = DATE NIGHT!!!

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