Monday, July 2, 2012

SOW: Morning Dew

This weeks SOW has a whimsical feel to it.  Whimsical after all is defined as 'playfully quaint or fanciful'.  The Morning Dew is both quaint and fanciful.  This is a lightweight cotton with embroidered yellow threading with flecks of sheen to it.  It is casually feminine, and there is nothing I like more than being feminine.
Morning Dew
You can go in a few directions with the Morning Dew.  First you can dress it up for a summer wedding.  Here in the middle I have it with an off white peplum sleeveless top.  Match that with the yellow or off white Seychelle heels and your ready for a night out.  I love it with the teal scarf from Anthropolgie.  I call this a non-functional fashion scarf.   Its here to keep you stylish, not warm ;)

It will also look great with the Liberty top from J.crew on the left.  Roll up the teal sleeves and throw on brown sandals for a casual outfit.  Last but not least, it always comes down to the chambray tops with me.  Tired of chambray tops in all of my outfits?  Too bad!  They look great with Sevier Skirts and are so in right now!  Wear with your riding boots that I know you have and your good well into the fall.

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